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Business network
Pitch Videos/business communications, Co-working spaces and infrastructure.
Incorporation Service
Company registration- Pvt Ltd, Partnership firm registration, Proprietary concerns.
Creative Technology Solutions.
Web Design Consultancy, App design Consultansy, SEO, SEM, Social Media Profile Management and Analytics, Website and App promotions, Business Intelligence, Visual Analytics, Big Data Analysis and Reporting.
Maintenance of books of accounts, Audit Compliances, ROC Compliances, Filing of ITR and TDS Compliances, Secretarial Drafting, Advance Tax Compliance, Service Tax Compliance, Payroll Processing.

About Our Company

The Bengaluru Angels is an entrepreneurial ecosystem where startups germinate, grow and flourish. It is a platform for nurturing and fostering entrepreneurship where investors and startups explore, interact and build business relationships. It offers high-quality mentoring and angel funding support to a new generation of entrepreneurs who are building enterprise models based on disruptive innovation and the confluence of cutting-edge technology and sharp business acumen. The Bengaluru Angels work with investors across geographies. The startups are selected based on process-driven due diligence. It builds corridors of linkages, business relationships, and investments on the foundation of domain expertise, integrity, commitment, and trust. It enables skilled entrepreneurs to collaborate with the smartest investors and angel investor networks by virtually supporting all aspects of the investment relationship, from initial pitch to successful exit.


This decade is time for India to be in the center stage of the world and create the new architecture of the global economy. She is building strong bonds with various countries and creating mutually beneficial relationships for growth and development. The major challenge is the engagement of the new generation in the areas of job creation instead of seeking utopian opportunities for underwriting lifelong employment. We are aligned with the thought process that innovation, disruptive technologies, and ingenuine solutions are the only ways to resolve societal problems; and, there lies the origin of infinite possibilities for enterprises to emerge.

The Bengaluru angels is an initiative in creating the enabling milieu to realise the mission of creating such genre of new ventures.

The Bengaluru Angels is building a milieu of networking with a large number of universities, engineering, and management institutions, accelerators, and incubators across India, and other parts of the world as part of their entrepreneurship habitat.

TBA has created an enabling environment where working space and infra are available in Bengaluru. The entrepreneurs can connect with other start-ups and sharply focus on their own temporal and contextual business models. They also can have opportunities to meet mentors, investors, and tap into the collective knowledge of the emerging entrepreneurial community.

Weaving a story around a business idea which aims at mitigating the business/societal problem is an art. There are resources available at TBA who are creative and strategic folks crafting audiovisuals for communication across broadcast, air, and web. Services Offered include :

  • Marketing videos
  • Subject expert videos
  • Internal communication videos
  • Audio solutions for outbound marketing activities. These include Brand themes, Signature tunes, and ad jingles
  • This includes TV commercials and infomercials for businesses
  • Content writing for websites, brochures
  • Voice-over and subtitling
  • Animation and Graphic design

New Genre is a Startup e-News Letter launched by The Bengaluru Angels(TBA ) that passionately promotes Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India. It provides insights into emerging trends in start-ups, the challenges, and the way forward. It also documents the synopsis of emerging potential startups and lessons to be learned.

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Sourabh Choudhary
Team Member, TBA
The Bengaluru Angels is a platform that catalyses Startups to accelerate on the profitable growth trajectory multiple times faster during inititial stages
Abhishek Gurjar
Team Member, TBA
The Bengaluru Angels nurtures and helps to build skills to see thru the haze and paves way for the success of startups.

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