Business Model ( Maximum 30 slides)

1. Start up Pitch

* What is your company's business ?

* What is the problem and what solutions does your business model provide ?

* How is business model differentiated from the competition?

2. Vision and Mission

Please state Vision and Mission statement.

3. Market and Industry Analysis

Please state market definition, key segments, size of target segments, growth rates, key market trends and challenges/issues of the market . Please briefly specify the critical success factors for a company in this market.

A visual illustration of the market place with names of various stakeholders , such as competitors , vendors, distributors and customers would profile the industry .

4. Value Addition, Products/Services and Differentiation

Please elaborate how does your company add value to the stakeholders. What are the key products and services and how are these differentiated based on technology and scalability .

5. Barriers to entry and key competition

Please provide a matrix indicating competitor name, business line, geography, representative customer list, key strengths and weaknesses of each competitor.

Please provide SWOT matrix. (Strengths , Weaknesses ,Opportunities and Threats)

Explain why a well-funded new entrant in your market will not make you just a `me too `company.

6. Business Model and Sales/Marketing Strategy

Please specify your revenue streams and corresponding costs.

Please elaborate the sales/marketing strategy including :

a) Overall product/brand positioning

b) Sales & distribution strategy

c) Key business development alliances and partnerships

d) Pricing strategy

7. Market Traction

Please provide insights into validation of your business strategy so far.

Please provide metrics such as your key accounts, number o users, distributors, average revenue per user and any other metric you consider important for measuring traction of your business.

Please forecast your projections on each of the above metrics for the next one year dividing it into four quarters.

8. Management Team

Provide matrix Stating name , qualifications, experience , companies worked for , period and assignments handled.

9. Organization

Please provide organogram and hierarchical levels .

Names of the Directors and their brief profile.

Names of the share holders and their brief profile.

10. Financial performance and projections

Please provide last three years profit and loss account and projection for next three years.

Kindly list the main 3 or 4 assumptions underlying the financial projections. Please break down the revenues by the main business lines/products/services as applicable.

Please provide all currency figures in INR only.

11. Exit Strategy

(Angels invest with a definite intent of exiting the investment within a defined time frame ranging from 3 to 7 years. Exit may occur in the form of the Company making an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or an M & A (Merger & Acquisition).)

Please list likely acquirers of your business and why would they be interested in acquiring your Company? provide a few examples of recent exit valuations in this market (IPO and/or M & A).

12. Capital

Please provide debt and equity structure of your company .

Authorised capital and paid up capital.

Number of shares allotted and face value per share .

Name the exisiting share holders , equity contributed in INR and percentage share holding allotted .

Debt raised if any: source and terms viz tenure , moratorium and interest rates.

Source and sinks of funds as at last month end .

Capital required and intended use thereof.

13. Risks and Gaps

State the Risks( both internal and external) that your company may be faced with that may cause under achievement of targets . what are the corresponding mitigation processes envisaged.

What are current gaps in the company in the strategy, business model, customer traction, talent, technology, operations etc. TBA will work with you to bridge these gaps enabling achievement of the targets. This is a crucial part of the investment process.